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Cue Tips, Pool Cue Repair & Tip Clamps

Consistent shots require consistent, quality cues. You can find everything you need to keep your pool cues in like-new condition at PoolCueShark.com. For the billiard room sharpshooter, we carry Tiger Sniper laminated boar hide cue tips, these professional tips are guaranteed to never mushroom and give you the least deflection possible.

Do-it-yourselfers will love the value of our Sterling pool cue repair kit. Featuring replacement tips and ferrules, a cue tip clamp and cement, and much more; this kit has everything you need to get the most out of your pool cues for years to come! Browse our selection of Le Professionel, Elk Master, and Everest Pool Cue tips and accessories today!

Tiger Laminated 14mm Medium Pool Cue Tips Box of 15 [TPQBLM]
Price: $179.25
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Tiger Laminated 14mm Pool Cue Tips are laminated with the VACULAMª process and made out of eleven layers of either pig skin or cowhide, depending on hardness. Tiger Laminated pool Cue Tips give players excellent playability and control. The soft Tiger pool cue tips are made out of white cowhide and give the player all the benefits of a soft cue tip without mushrooming. Both the medium and hard Tiger pool cue tips are dark brown in color and are made with two different types of treated pig skin. By using the natural character of the leather we achieve better consistency and maximum hardness control. Using the exclusive VACU-LAM manufacturing process, you can be assured total lamination with no air pockets. Each Tiger Laminated Pool Cue tip is then checked with a durometer for its exact hardness. Laminated tips last longer and virtually eliminate mushrooming. Face it, the tip is the business-end of a pool cue, and the best way to improve your cue performance is to improve the cue tip. Tiger Laminated Pool Cue Tips: play with one and IMPROVE YOUR GAME. PLEASE NOTE: The price posted for this item is for a Box of 15, 11 layers of pig skin 14mm, medium density.
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